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We believe that God’s plan of finance for His work is by tithes and offerings and that it is a joy for His children to acknowledge His Lordship in this manner. Each person should pray and seek God’s guidance to determine what he is led by the Spirit to give.

What this means:

  • In the Old Testament, God required the tithe – or 1st 10% of each person’s earnings to be given to the House of the Lord.
  • We believe that God still calls us to tithe and that unless led otherwise by the Holy Spirit that this should go to support the work of the member’s local church.
  • Offerings are given above and beyond tithes. There are many opportunities to give offering both inside and outside the church. One special offering that Southland observes is the Sacrifice Offering. Periodically, we are asked to pray and seek God’s guidance on what we should give as a Sacrifice Offering. Money given in this Sacrifice goes towards special needs as directed by the Pastor and Elders.
  • All of this – tithes and offerings – are between God and the giver. Each person is responsible for praying to God and seeking His direction in what he should offer.

Practical applicaton:

  • Each person should pray and seek God’s guidance on this matter.
  • He should determine in his heart what he will give and be led by the Spirit on this.
  • It is wise to put aside what you have determined to give first before you start paying out everything else – otherwise, the enemy will always have ?reasons’ why you cannot give what you have committed to God.
  • Give with a joyful heart and rejoice that He has provided enough to allow you to give back to Him.

Scriptures: Malachi 3:6-12; Genesis 14:17-20; Hebrews 7:1-10; Matthew 23:23; II Corinthians 8 & 9; Acts 20:35

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