Community Groups

Community Groups begin meeting tonight at various locations around the city. Make plans to attend one tonight.

And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers. Acts 2:42

Southland Church Community Groups:

Rick and Phyllis Alvarez
2nd, 3rd, 4th  & 5th Wed @ 7:00PM
 2568 Forrest Wood Drive
Dawn Diamond
2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Wed @ 7:00PM
5634 Val Del Road
Hahira, GA
Cleveland and Gwen Kyles
Fridays @ 6:30PM
Southland Church-Modular Unit
Tyler and Heather Sermons
2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th Wed @ 7:00PM
4982 Val Del Road
Maxie and Gayle Williams
2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th Wed @ 7:00PM
Southland Church
Allan and Johanna Vrboncic
2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Wed @ 7:00PM
9 Milledge Circle

Community Groups For Women

Patricia Frazier
Sundays @ 9:30AM
Southland Church
Lorraine James
3rd Tuesday @ 7:00PM
2400 Meadowbrooke Drive
Valencia Lucas
3rd Wed @ 6:30PM
3498 Orr Road
Denah Newton
3rd Tuesday @ 6:30PM
3597 Trotters Ridge Circle
Patty Lee
2nd Thursday @ 7:00PM
2648 Copeland Road

Get Connected Today!

Our Community Groups are the primary vehicle for discipleship at Southland Church. We gather in community groups with our friends and neighbors to live life together, experience the gospel, wrestle with the truths of the Bible, love one another, serve the city, and participate in the mission of God for Southland Church.

Southland Community Groups are an essential expression of our church and its mission as we live life together from single students to seasoned seniors. Our Community Groups live intertwined lives together as family, worshipping God and serving our local congregation and greater community.

What our Community Groups are NOT:

  • Community Groups are not a religious check-box, just another service to go to during the week. You don’t “go” to your Community church meeting; you “are” the church community together.
  • Midweek gatherings are not disconnected from Sunday and the life of the greater congregation.
  • Community Group meetings are not meant to have a solely inward focus, holy huddles where it’s all about us, but groups working together to be a blessing to others.

What Community Groups ARE:

  • Investing in each other, building each other up in faith and life.
  • Investing in the congregation, contributing to needs of the local church.
  • Investing in their culture, engaging the greater community and neighborhood.

Church was and is to be more than it has become, it is not to be a place of just instruction, a place to look at the back of the head of the person in front of you. It is to be a family, a community. God is three in one; He is a living demonstration of unity and oneness. Sin separates; it separated us from God and one another. Jesus came to reconcile us back to God and back to one another. First and foremost we are to be reconciled to God, to become a Christian. In order to grow in that relationship with Jesus, we believe that you need to be in a loving, growing, accountable, and authentic relationship with God’s people.

That’s why we invite you to our Community Groups, to get to know one another, to pursue friendship, to inconvenience yourself for the sake of relationships. It is important. It is what God intended for you to bless you and to help you grow in Him. It is also the way that Southland will be stronger as the gifts, talents and experiences that you bring are shared with others. I don’t want you to hear this as something you have to do, but rather something you get to do. I don’t want it to feel like an expectation, but an invitation, not as something imposed on you, but something proposed to you. A new way of life with God and His people.

Community Groups In-Depth:

We are calling our groups Community Groups rather than Home Groups as “Community” more accurately describes our gatherings and not all of our groups meet in homes. Gathering weekly for fellowship and accountability, study and prayer, good times and tears, Southland Community Groups are an essential expression of our church’s mission. At the heart of the Community Groups ministry is the desire to see a community of believers who worship Jesus, love one another, and embody the mission of Southland Church to make disciples. God has called us to a continuous lifestyle of worship and relationship with Himself, which is cultivated and nurtured within the body of Christ.

The Church is not a building, but a people. It is a gift of God. At Southland Church, community groups are the place where discipleship and care takes place. It is where we encourage one another to be worshipers of our Lord. It is where the body becomes the body, loving, caring and challenging one another. As well, it is within community that we engage culture and demonstrate Jesus in the places we live, work and play.

We were created to worship Jesus in community in the Image of our Creator, who Himself exists in community. It is our desire to see every member of Southland Church loved, cared for, and challenged within a thriving community. And it is our desire that our neighbors within our cities are blessed and touched by the love of Jesus through the lives of our members.

I Am New Here…Am I Ready For A Community Group?

A community group is a gathering of people from the church that get together weekly to share life and support one another. Life is hard. It was never meant to be lived in isolation. Community is a gift of God intended to help us see and experience the good news of Jesus in profound and tangible ways. If you are new to the church this the perfect place for you to belong, ask questions, and wrestle with your faith in a community of people who care for you, not because your life is all together, but because you are created in the image of God.

It is within community that we exist as true family in a time when the concept of a loving and caring family can seem foreign. It is a place where we encourage and challenge one another in our journey to know Jesus in deeper and more personal ways. In Community Groups, people talk through life issues, eat together, pray together, laugh together, struggle together, and serve others as we are transformed by the grace of God in our lives.

Why Are Community Groups So Important To Southland Church?

Getting connected at Southland means participating in both the Sunday gathering and a Community Group. Sundays are a time for celebrating in worship of Jesus together and hearing the preaching and teaching of the Word. Community Groups are the place where the seeds of the preached Word take root and become real. It is the place where we build relationships with one another and living life together.

What Should I Expect When I Go?

Each Group is unique and different. However, you can expect a weekly gathering that involves worship, conversation, prayer, discussion for applying the Bible to practical living, and service in the neighborhood. Community Groups are an environment for building relationships with one another, which strongly emphasizes challenging one another to drive God’s Word deeply into our lives. Most Groups follow the Sunday sermon series; although at times, some may deal with specific topics or work through another book of the Bible.

Community groups are much more than a Bible study however, they are community, a place where we can laugh, cry, work and play together for glory of Jesus. This means you could expect BBQ’s, yard work for an elderly neighbor, bowling, working in children’s ministry, visiting people in the hospital, birthday parties, etc.